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Front Open Bra-Shaper 5700

Front Open Bra-Shaper 5700

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Product description includes accurate size information or charts provided by its origin. Please be sure to select your correct size

What Does Maximum Stretch Mean?

It specifies the maximum stretch dimensions that our products can be worn without disturbing. Whichever of your belly and hip area is wider is the place where you need to measure. Measure the circumference of that point. You can find out which size to wear according to these measurements from the table.

  • To keep the tape measure straight; You should be careful not to slide it parallel to the floor.
  • While taking measurements, you should leave yourself relaxed, not hold your breath, and measure without inflating the chest.
  • You should take measurements on the naked body.

Please make sure to select the correct size from the table above according to the largest hips point size, since lingerie and underwear are not returnable or exchangeable

  • It immediately transfers the sweat formed in the body to the outside. It prevents unwanted odors due to perspiration.
  • It has the ability to breathe. It provides comfortable use even in hot and humid climates.
  • Thanks to the anti-slide® silicone technology and the silicone layer applied inside the waist, the product does not slide down.
  • Silicone material approved by international health institutions is dermatologically compatible with the skin and does not cause allergic effects.
  • Produced with seamless knitting technology. It does not contain any sewing and attachment parts, except for web part and net stitch. Thus, the disturbances that may arise from fabric layers and stitch marks that occur as a result of sewing are eliminated.
  • Thanks to reinforced seams, there is no risk of bursting or tearing.
  • Formeasy products are not used to keep the body warm. It has high heat permeability. Since it keeps it cool in hot weather, it is recommended to wear it on laundry in cold weather.


  • It magically shrinks a size of at least one or two when wearing the appropriate size. It helps to weaken and tighten the body in continuous use.
  • By applying pressure to stomach, abdomen, belly, hips, thighs, thighs and legs, it provides form effectively.
  • With its Push-Up feature, it gives the hips the desired shape.
  • Delays hunger with the pressure it exerts on the stomach. It helps to regulate the digestive system
  • It creates an additional support to the spine and gives it a habit of upright posture.
  • Helps prevent cellulite formation.
  • With the recommendation of the doctor, it is used both to support the cesarean section stitches and to help the sagging abdominal wall after pregnancy.
  • Thanks to its maximum stretching ability, it does not prevent your movements by stretching as much as necessary and provides a comfortable use.
  • Pressure points added to the sides and waist area better shape the hips and abdomen.
  • It makes you feel good by accelerating blood circulation.


  • For ease of wearing and removing, fold the silicone part outward so that it does not touch the skin and pull it upwards.
  • The silicone part must be in direct contact with the body so that it does not slip off the body
  • It may be inconvenient to use it continuously for more than 12 hours.
  • Washing instructions must be followed. Exposure of flexible yarns to high and long-term temperatures and chemicals may reduce the recovery effect. It is recommended to hand wash at 30 degrees using only soap and dry it freely without wringing.
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      Material:Elastane - Polyamide - Polyester

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      Made in: Turkey

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