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Under Bust Full Length Seamless Corset 5020

Under Bust Full Length Seamless Corset 5020

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 نرجو التأكد من اختيار المقاس الصحيح من جدول المقاسات حيث ان المشدات الملابس الداخلية واللانجيري والمنتجات التي تشبهها غير قابلة للاسترجاع او التبديل

  • With adjustment straps
  • 1 size slimming
  • Gathers the abdomen and stomach, slims the waist. It is effective on the hips and upper legs.
  • Long legs
  • Does not mark, cannot be seen from clothes.


  • What is a Full Length Body Shaper Corset?
  • Body shaping corsets that tighten certain parts of the body and create a slimming effect; Gathering the stomach, hips and breasts also provides a great effect. Thanks to its elastane fabric knitted with seamless knitting technology, it is an underwear model that both makes the person flexible and creates a recovery effect.
  • The body shaping corset, which allows the body to have more curved lines, helps to remove the excess especially in the belly and hip area.
  • While the use of corsets is very useful for covering the excess, it is one of the equipment that makes people look more stylish. While body-shaping corsets offer many benefits in terms of appearance, the fact that the fabric does not breathe and absorbs sweat can cause health problems in products that are not sufficient in terms of quality; For this reason, people need to be extremely careful when using corsets and make the best choices.
  • What are the Benefits of Body Sculpting Corset?
  • In order for a worn corset to benefit people, it must be purchased in accordance with its purpose and selected from a quality brand. As Form Angel, we offer innovative, modern and daily use products with our expert team in order to always offer you the right product. Body shaping corsets create a tightening and recovery effect, making the body thinner and more curved lines. In this way, it is possible to look more elegant than desired while covering the regional excesses very clearly.
  • In addition, body shaper weakening corset models have a weakening effect on the regions indirectly, if not directly. Wrapping the area more tightly causes sweating in a shorter time, while these sweats are absorbed by the corset and thus do not get on the clothes.
  • While body shaper and belly recovery corsets make the fitted area ready for fat burning, they make it more possible to get rid of regional fat compared to normal conditions. It provides permanent thinning and tightening in a short time, especially when supported with sports.
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Material:Elastane - Polyamide - Polyester

Delivery Time: 5-7 Working Days

Made in: Turkey

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