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High Waist Seamless Slip Corset 5003

High Waist Seamless Slip Corset 5003

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 نرجو التأكد من اختيار المقاس الصحيح من جدول المقاسات حيث ان المشدات الملابس الداخلية واللانجيري والمنتجات التي تشبهها غير قابلة للاسترجاع او التبديل

  • Panty corsets are used to hide excess weight in the abdomen and waist area, thanks to their high designs starting from the hips to the waist curve.

  • Gathering panties beautifully define the body lines

  • Comfortable to use and cannot be seen from the outside of the dress.

  • The recovery feature show the hips properly and cover the excess places on the hips. 

  • It is used to achieve a tight look, realize the desire of women to move comfortably. 

  •  It makes the buttocks look more rounded and upturned. 

  • It provides an aesthetic appearance when used appropriately. 

  • Gathering panties have many differences from other ordinary panties. It is more stylish and useful than other panties. 

  • Due to its tidying feature, the woman sees herself as more beautiful than normal.

  • Gaining weight and sagging of the body during pregnancy is a condition that every expectant mother experiences. However, the fact that these problems still continue after the birth causes women's self-confidence to decrease. Gathering panties, on the other hand, eliminate this visual pollution and create a tight image. If the woman gets help from these panties at least until she loses weight, she will not be depressed. The body becomes shaped and the hips become erect.

  • The materials in it have the feature of supporting.

  • Does Panty Corset Gather Buttocks?

    By nature, women's bodies are naturally aesthetic. However, over time, reasons such as aging, weight gain, and giving birth lead to the loss of this aesthetic appearance. Certain areas of the body begin to accumulate excess fat and form swelling. For this reason, the clothes worn become potty and lose their beautiful appearance. Clothing may gather due to excess weight, may not be stable or look ugly. Shaper corsets eliminate all these problems and create a pleasant appearance.


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Material:Elastane - Polyamide - Polyester

Delivery Time: 5-7 Working Days

Made in: Turkey

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Trustify review box will be displayed here!