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Butt Support Silicone Lift Shorts 5200

Butt Support Silicone Lift Shorts 5200

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 نرجو التأكد من اختيار المقاس الصحيح من جدول المقاسات حيث ان المشدات الملابس الداخلية واللانجيري والمنتجات التي تشبهها غير قابلة للاسترجاع او التبديل

You can easily wear butt  lifter silicone panties at any time of the day! 

Whether overweight or underweight, every woman strives to keep her hips shaped and upturned. For this, it is necessary to do long-term and regular training and to eat healthily. However, it is not always possible to eat healthy and do regular sports. At this point, pop up panties produced by Form Angel come to your aid. 

What Should Be Considered While Buying Butt Lift Panties?    

-Don't forget that panties with pop up feature make your hips look bigger as they lift them and this will make your stance different on your clothes. Your already tight clothes may not be on you when you use these panties. You should consider this

It is very important to buy models that fit your size. Model 1 size smaller may cause cuts at the end of the panties. This will not only hurt you but also create a bad look from the outside of your clothes. When you use 1 size larger laundry; Since it does not wrap your hips enough, it cannot perform its function with full efficiency. 

What Should Be Considered When Using Butt Lift Panties?    

-The most important issue during use is to clean it correctly. You can wash this model in your hand with soap. It is not suitable for washing in the washing machine; You should prefer additive-free detergents and wash them in warm water.    

- Butt lift panties, you will be more comfortable if you wear them over your underwear. 

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Material:Elastane - Polyamide - Polyester

Delivery Time: 5-7 Working Days

Made in: Turkey

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