Orders & Delivery


 Orders & Delivery 
  • We will be glad to fulfil your order and to have you one of our great customers, thankfully, please make sure of your desire to have the products in your order and then insure your ability to commitment and your conditions suitability to receive the order and we appreciate out of hands serious emergency events. Thus, we recommend that you postpone the order if you are still hesitated about it to leave the chance for other customers, as we face a very high demand on all products in general and on Turkish imported products in specific which exceeds available quantities, additionally to keep products in its original status protected from defects resulting from shipping and returning back to insure your complete satisfaction once you make the order in future. We put extreme efforts to insure our customers satisfaction and transparency which depend on mutual respect and commitment.


  • All products' pages on the website includes all product details, such as size and related size charts.
  • After you complete the checkout process you will directly receive an e-mail or SMS to confirm the registry of the order. Please check your e-mail inbox or spam folders to check this e-mail and make sure you revise your order.
  • Customer services team will contact you on Whatsapp to confirm the order details so please make sure to include your Whatsapp No. within the order information. 
  • Orders that didn't receive a confirmation on the Whatsapp or a reply to confirmation message within 24 hours will be automatically cancelled from our system.
  • At checkout, there are 3 ways to pay for orders, cash on delivery, online payment via secure payment link to be sent to customer on whatsapp during order confirmation process or secure online payment at check out using credit cards.


  • Delivery period differs for each product's category, and it starts from the next day of the confirmation and doesn't include weekends and official holidays. Order delivery period will be according to the longest period which in general will not exceed 7 working days in Cairo & Giza and 10 working days for other areas.
  • For delivery costs to all cities in Egypt please check Shipping rates page.
  • In case of selecting different address area than the real area during the check out, the shipping cost will be adjusted to the correct area's rate according to shipping rates table.
  • When we ship the orders, we will notify our clients by a whatsapp message with all needed information, please make sure to include all address details accurately during the checkout along with correct mobile no. and whatsapp no.
  • Please wait enough time for order preparation and shipping. Please be aware of your mobile to answer the shipping agent's calls to insure faster and more convenient order delivery.
  • Many products are not refundable or exchangeable according to the Consumer Protection Law and according to the policy of Asrary website. Please revise Returns Policy for more details.
  • For all orders, order amount should be paid first to the shipping agent to receive the package. 
  • In case of paying the order before we ship it, then order can be checked in front of the delivery agent:
    • this will be stated clearly on the shipping slip, otherwise it will be stated as well.
    • In case of rejecting the order, we will refund the paid amount after deducting the shipping fees, even if it was a free shipping order.
    • Not all product types can be exchanged after opening the order such as Underwear, Lingerie and Imported sleepwear.
    • Exchange delivery costs will be added to order costs, in case of the need to exchange any item, if the order was checked in front of the delivery agent, otherwise, extra fees will be added.
  • All cash on delivery orders cannot be opened during delivery, and in cases that it is allowed then will be checked ONLY in front of the shipping agent during the delivery:
    • In both cases, it  will be stated clearly on the shipping slip.
    • Order amount need to be paid first to the shipping agent in order to receive the package,
    • If it is allowed, then it will be allowed to check delivered products in front of the shipping agent without trying them.
    • Please note that partial returns are not allowed according to the policy of our website.
    • In case of returning the order, either opened or not then shipping fees amount according to the attached slip or invoice should be paid to the shipping agent.
    • If you are not sure if a product can be checked during delivery or not, please ask the customer care employee about it before checking ot the order or during the confirmation.

    For more details about return and exchange click here


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