Our Products

Asrary selects its products with great care and we pay great attention to the finest details for you.😍

The factories are the first lingerie factories in Egypt to obtain an international quality certificates - ISO 9001 certification. Therefore, all of our products are of high quality with modern and unique designs and colors that suit you and comfort you.

Sizes are thoughtful and specially designed to be comfortable and suitable for every Egyptian lady, made with high quality and high quality fabrics with many years of experience in the Egyptian market.

All the raw materials of our high quality products are made from the finest types of yarns and on the latest spinning and knitting machines in the world

The colors used are environmentally friendly dyes and prints. The inks used in the digital prints are high-quality Swiss inks that are able to withstand multiple and multiple times of washing and wearing without any change in the color tone, even if only a small percentage.


Our imported products are from the finest international factories with high quality materials and modern designs suitable for the Egyptian market.


We guarantee unlimited quality that gives you unlimited femininity because it is in Asrary - your beauty matters to us ❤️

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